Geoffrey Foster is an American writer born in Miami, Florida. He now lives in Huntington, West Virginia and is currently working towards a bachelor's degree in journalism at Marshall University.       



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I began writing short stories when I was 16. I didn't quite know what I was doing yet, but those stories helped me get my feet wet. Around the age of 19, I began reading poetry by writers like T.S. Eliot, Arthur Rimbaud, and Walt Whitman, among others. That's when my interest in writing poetry began. Over the course of the next two years, I wrote poems every day. After a  few years, I began focusing more on short stories and novels. I experimented with all genres. I also spent those years forming my poems into a book called Clockwork. On February 2, 2009, Clockwork was published and made available all over the internet (see the links to the right). To read a few poems from it and purchase a copy online, please go to my Clockwork page.


I wrote my first horror story, The Fury, in 2007. Then I began the first draft of a horror novel called Shadow and Storm (originally titled The Deal). In between writing the first and second drafts of Shadow and Storm, I wrote a non-fiction book called Ghosts of West Virginia  (published Feb. 2, 2010), which chronicles my various experiences with the paranormal since moving to WV. It also includes an extended index of haunted locations in the state, so it doubles as a paranormal field guide. I am currently editing the final draft of Shadow and Storm. Excerpts from both of these projects can be accessed from the left sidebar.

Most recently The Fury has been published as an e-book in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats. To read an excerpt and purchase a copy, click HERE.


      My other projects include:   

Megalopolis, a sci-fi/cyber punk inspired novel that takes place in 2142 in the megacity Solis, which stretches from Washington D.C. to Long Island. In the novel, Simon Glass, a cyber-decective and underground hacker, accepts a missing person's case from the beautiful Elizabeth Odin, but when the person in question, Jerome White, is found dead, Simon and Liz must go into hiding. Along the way, they must interpret data Simon hacked from the Virtual Web to discover the mystery surrounding White's death and undercover the great secret that stretches from the shining tower of cyber-tech giant Votney Enterprises to the dark recesses of the sub level neighborhood known as Undercity.                                                                      

Afterlife, a story written from the point of view of a deceased man named Tom Ruttman. Ruttman must remain in the house he shared with his family to protect them from a evil entity he only knows as "the shadow man."

The Resurrectors, a supernatural story about a young man, Jason Anaver, who wakes up in a morgue after being struck and killed by a car.

The Path Beyond
, a fantasy story set in a place called Marble City, which serves as a hub between many worlds.                               

The Chronicles of Braith, a fantasy series that takes place in the fictional world of Braith. One of the stories mentioned above, The Path Beyond,  actually takes place on an island in Braith, so it is essentially the first part of this series...

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